Engaging online web presence


is a Melbourne based Mobile Apps startup. We make Apps that have good purpose and cause positive change to people. We like to develop apps that can last for long and grow. Our location-based app “WakePoint App” is our first attempt into the market. Our customers like it and we continue to receive valuable feedback from them and improve the App.

We have three websites: thelivingapps.com wakepoint.io squarez.co

As a co-founder of a new startup, delivering the company’s vision and great experience to our customers is important to us.

We like brainstorming new ideas, put it into the market, getting feedback, pivot and iterate. We value the importance of UX design. Having a great UX design would definitely make a difference in how customers perceive our apps. That is why we spent time crafting ours Apps design to make it really intuitive to use.

Having said that, we all have limited amount of time but we aim to achieve more.

So we have looked around.

At the early days, we had WordPress based website for our App’s landing page. It was good but not great until we found Strikingly.

What makes Strikingly great is it “Establishes a very engaging online web presence” for us through its beautifully designed landing page. It tells our story clearly the moment our customers opening our website.

There are many web hosting and web site builders service in the market but none of them matches our expectation except Strikingly.

The “Drag and drop” style Web Builder is intuitive to use. What stands out is the design choice in terms of the colours, fonts and build-in background images. You won’t go anything too wrong using it. It is built with good designer mind set. It has got the trendy Parallax web design too.

From time to time, there are new themes coming up and new functions added to existing theme.

One of the major concern we had is whether the landing page is Mobile Friendly. It needs to be web responsive and looks great in iPhone and iPad. Strikingly does it all beautifully !

Their team is responsive in supporting customers. In several occasions, I have got response from them on the same day with useful answer.

Looking into the future, I am really excited to see all the new features and excitement Strikingly will be coming up.  Good work !





What we learn from WakePoint App usage statistic? 107 countries with US leading


Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 10.30.38 am

Regularly, we analyze our Google Analytics data to gain more insight. It helps us a lot in planning for next release.

The above table shows the usage of WakePoint in a period of time. Unsurprisingly, US is still leading the way in terms of interest in Location-based app like WakePoint. Saudi Arabia combining with Kuwait and United Arab Emirates takes up a significant amount of usage too. Another great point to make is the fact that our users come from 107 countries worldwide. It does pose challenges as well as opportunities.

In the next release of WakePoint, we strive to give all our users a better WakePoint. Improvements like making it more user-friendly while driving with new Text-to-Speech API, more choice of location alert radius and improved time condition are in the plan of WakePoint 1.6. We are also conducting an early prototype of micro-location alert with use of iBeacon.

I am absolutely excited about it. If you are as excited as me and would like to participate in our project, please feel free to contact me at henry@thelivingapps.com .

A brand-new TheLivingApps


On the 1st day of February, we are delighted to announce a brand new web presence of TheLivingApps.com. It is clean and clear with elegant single page design. Mobile friendly. You will get the idea what we do at the first sight seeing it. It is one of several things we do and we will be doing to increase TheLivingApps digital appearance across the Web and social network.

In 2014, we are committed to communicate more often through our new Blog, Twitter and Facebook.


Here comes the new Blog


The official blog of TheLivingApps has moved to WordPress.com with new design.

We love it very much !

Hope you love it too.

2014 will be an exciting year for TheLivingApps.

We have new plans and are more determined to commit to innovation.

Come back later to check out our new TheLivingApps !

WakePoint 1.5.1 Public Release


After months of development and testing, we have finally made WakePoint 1.5.1 available for public in AppStore just before Christmas (and just before Apple iTunes Connect is closed down for Christmas holidays break !).

As part of the new release we have crafted a new App landing website http://wakepoint.io so that you can have better understanding of the new features (as well as its limitation).

New Noteworthy Features

WakeMessage is the name we call the new “Location Trigger” feature. It sums up our efforts spent in SMS trigger and Email trigger. While the feature is there, we do encourage you to try out the location alert precision first before actually attempting to use WakeMessage. For more information, go to http://wakepoint.io .

What is our plan ?

We continue to receive feedback from users with good experience as well as bad experience in terms of location alert precision and performance.

With that in mind, our current plan is to increase our R&D on Location Geofencing precision. To move forward, we are preparing to open-source our core (non-UI) framework in GitHub and continue to improve it using new technologies.

In the meantime, head to our new WakePoint site



WakePoint 1.5 Automatic SMS Message Trigger in the baking !


In the next version of WakePoint, we are going to introduce a new feature which our users have been asking. That is Automatic SMS Message Trigger. We believe this new feature is going to be very useful. You can use it to notify your friends or family when you leave or enter a location.

Imagine when you leave for work in the morning, your partner at home would be happy to know when you arrive to office safely.  With the same reason, when you leave office and on the way to home, your partner would be very glad to know that and start preparing your meal to welcome you back.

The above real life use case is just one of the many examples.

When we launch this feature, let us know how you use it.

WakePoint 1.4 with iOS 7 support is live in AppStore !


We are so happy to tell our new version of WakePoint (1.4) having full iOS 7 support and increased max locations (20) is finally Live in AppStore !

Much to our surprise, it took only 2 DAYS for Apple to review and approve the App – which is absolutely amazing. Apple definitely wants more iOS 7 Apps and we are pleased to move to complete iOS 7 support by leveraging as much iOS 7 features as possible which means we are no longer supporting iOS 6 since version 1.4. For users who are still using iOS 6, we highly recommend you to upgrade and experience the new beautiful UI with more depths.

Download new Wake Point now